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临走前喷 在马桶内。
& 没人会 知道!

Doo You Dare Talk About The Go

没有什么比不用去 管浴室的异味更好 的事了!

Just'a Spray Toilet spray collection

临走前喷在马桶内,没人会 知道!

Just’a Spray在水面上形成一层薄膜,可以锁住并消除浴室的异味。

Just’a Spray toilet odor eliminator forms a film on the surface of the water that traps and eliminates bathroom odors. With no harsh chemicals, your smelliest secret is safe thanks to our amazing blends of essential oils!


Just'a Spray Toilet Spray 临走前喷在马桶内。


Just'a Spray Toilet Spray 在马桶的水表面形成一 层薄膜。

在马桶的水表面形成一 层薄膜。

Just'a Spray Toilet Spray 在异味逸出之前锁住并 消除尴尬的异味!

在异味逸出之前锁住并 消除尴尬的异味!

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Fresh Fragrances Made From Natural Essential Oils!

  • 使用方便
  • 安全化粪
  • 多达 100种 用法!
  • 天然植物精油制作而成
  • 环保
  • 不含刺激性化学物质

Fresh Fragrances Made From Natural Essential Oils!

  • 天然植物精油制作而成
  • 环保
  • 不含刺激性化学物质
  • 使用方便
  • 安全化粪
  • 多达 100种 用法!
How to use Just'a Spray
Just'a Spray Toilet Odor Eliminator - satisfaction guaranteed!


“Love the Keylime Just a spray now it actually smells nice to go in the bathroom after my son or husband.”

Tracy, New Brunswick

“This product really works! I’ve brought it into work and it gets used on a daily basis. Most of my co workers have asked me where they can get one for their house.”

Rachel, New Brunswick

“ I have the 9 ml cherry, and I like it because it is small enough to fit in my pocket and I find that it works great. I have several and I keep one in my pocket at work and one in my jacket pocket for when I am out and about. I also use the Just A Drop at home.”

Lucy, New Brunswick

“I have tried the Baby Powder scent so far. I really love the scent it leaves. I am going to try the others now. Thanks for such a great product .”

Joyce, New Brunswick

” I’m in LOVE with Baby Powder! I have the 9ml spray and I find it so convenient when i’m on the “Go”! I keep it in my purse so i’m stink-proof wherever I am.”

Amy, New Brunswick